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A large (private) collection of very exotic, rare and top-shelf (literally) classic and newly discovered specimens! Many from historic origin and abandoned mines.
Carefully collected over the years (78 HIGH quality collector specimens!). Please watch all the pictures, because you quickly miss a jewel!

1. 4x Very rare trapiche emerald; Muzo, Colombia
2. 6x Dioptase crystals on matrix; TSUMEB, Namibia
3. 4x Rare "Mango" Quartz; Cabiche, Colombia (limited NEW find)
4. Gemmy Tanzanite crystal; Merelani Hills, Simanjiro District, Tanzania
5. Large sugulite (almost never offered); N'Chwaning, South-Africa
6. Almost never offered (138 grams) tugtupite, chkalovite, aegirine and albite (= SW + LW-UV); Kvanefjeld, Ilímaussaq complex, Greenland
7. Blue botryoidal smithsonite crystals on matrix; Kelly mine, New Mexico, USA
8. Purple translucent and very sharp fluorite cube; Elmwood mine, USA
9. Large high quality anhydrite crystals on calcite; Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil (anhydrite = rare from here)
10. Chrysocolla after malachite after azurite; Lupoto mine, D.R. Congo`(limited find!)
11. NEW find Phantom amethyst cluster; Tehuilotepec, Taxco de Alarcón, Guerrero, Mexico
12. Super rare specimen of zanazziite crystals on rare crystallized Rose quartz! (Ex. Rob Lavinksy)
13. Large specimen of staurolite crosses on silvery mica-schist; Keivy Mountains, Kola Peninsula, Russia
14. Very large and heavy, gemmy, neon-green octahedral fluorite cluster! Riemvasmaak, South-Africa
15. Petroleum "diamond" quartz; Pakistan (=UV)
16. Very rare (from famous limited find in 1982!) mint-green fluorite; Deer Trail mine, Utah, USA
17. Excellent botryoidal goethite on a layer of quartz; Vein 12, Taouz, Morocco
18. (Red when backlit) octahedral cuprite crystal; Mashamba West Mine, Kolwezi, DR Congo
19. Green tip tourmaline terminated crystal cluster (rare for the locality); Erongo, Namibia
20. Large, high end, green phantom fluorite cubic cluster; Huangshaping mine, China
21. Terminated skyblue aquamarine; Erongo, Namibia
22. Larimar (polished); Dominican Republic
23. Very rare Pink kutnohorite cluster; Wessels Mine, KMF, South-Africa
24. Large specimen of top dark orange wulfenite crystals; Jianshan mine, China
25. Neon-green vesuvianite crystal; Jeffrey mine, Quebec. Canada
26. Dioptase and yellow mimetite; Mindouli, D.R. Congo
27. Rare pink (manganoan) vesuvianite crystal; Jeffrey mine, Quebec, Canada
28. Uvarovite garnets on chromite; Saranovskii Mine, Russia
29. Purple edge fluorite with nice pattern; Qinglong dachang mine, Guizhou, China
31. Baryte with pyrite; Rutyna pocket, Lubin mine, Poland (=UV)
32. Very good specimen of "electric blue" azurite cluster in vug in matrix; Touissit, Morocco
33. Rare sphero-cobaltite crystals; Aghbar mine, Bou Azzer, Morocco
34. Phantom Fluorite; Hermine mine, Germany (closed in 1987)
35. Ruby crystal on matrix; Russia (=UV)
36. Aragonite with kutnohorite geode; Tuscany, Italy
37. Rare yellow fluorite sphere on contrasting basalt; India
38. Large bright yellow sulphur crystals on fluorescent white aragonite; Agrigento, Sicily Italy
39. Exceptional long, bend (22 cm!), lustrous stibnite with calcite crystals; Jiangxi, China
40. Rare and huge half sphere of septaria with spectropyrite aka Rainbow pyrite; Ulyanovsk region, Volga river, Russia
41. Rare find of dioptase crystals with mimetite; Ntola mine, D.R. Congo
42. Very good Cavansite crystal on matrix; Wagholi, India
43. Very rare beta-roselite on cobaltoan calcite; Agoudal Mine, Bou Azzer, Morocco
44. Rare Tiffany stone (fluorite) polished; USA (=UV)
45. Aquamarine crystals with silvery muscovite blades; Shigar, Skardu, Pakistan
46. Dioptase crystal cluster; Mindouli, D.R. Congo
47. Blue baryte with limonite; Jebel Quichane mines, Nador, Morocco
48. Gemmy Amethyst crystal cluster; Chibuku mine, Zimbabwe
49. Very good green botryoidal smithsonite; El Refugio mine, Choix, Sinaloa, Mexico
50. Dendritic agate; Norseman, Western Australia
51. TOP gemmy fluorite cube; Rogerley mine, Frosterly, UK (=DAYLIGHT-UV! + UV)
52. Purple fluorapatite crystal; Panasquiera mine, Portugal
53. Big topaz crystal (colorless); Minas Gerais, Brazil
54. Rare dioptase "cup"; Mindouli, Pool dept., Republic of Congo
55. Purple botryoidal smithsonite; El Refugio mine, Choix, Sinaloa, Mexico
56. Cobaltoan calcite; Katanga, D.R. Congo
57. Gypsum crystal cluster; PHOSPHORESCENT/UV; Canada
58. Rhodochrosite with good pyrite crystals; Madem-Lakko Mine, Greece
59. Very good and rare cubo-dodecahedral purple fluorite crystals; Xia Yang mine, Fujian, China
60. Gemmy, multiple-phantom fluorite cluster with calcite and pyrite; El Hammam, Morocco (=UV)
61. Hematite crystals in lizardite and hydrotalcite; Snarum. Norway
62. Green Fluorite cubes with white calcite; Yaogangxian mine, Yizhang, Hunan, China
63. Green, very transparant fluorite with beveled edges; Xianghualing mine, Chenzhou, Hunan, China

Size range: 1-22 cm