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A large (private) collection of very exotic, rare and top-shelf (literally) high quality classic and new specimens! Many from historic origin and abandoned mines. Carefully collected over the years (64 HIGH quality collector specimens) to end this unique year 2020 well! Please watch all the pictures, because you quickly miss a jewel!

1. Rare specimen of gold var. ELECTRUM on matrix; Rosia Montana, Alba Co., Roemenië
2. Rare specimen of GOLD on matrix; Zlaté Hory, Jeseník District, Czech Republic
3. Choice specimen of very rare aesthetically curled WIRE SILVER (with nice patina); Kongsberg, Buskerud, Norway
4. Very nice Tourmaline var. ELBAITE; Pederneira Mine, Minas Gerais, Brazil
5. Highlight! rare yellow WULFENITE on matrix (Type Locality); Bad Bleiberg, Austria
6. Very rare elite shungite crystal; Shun'ga village, Lake Onega, Russia
7. High quality grey botryoidal SMITHSONITE on matrix; Kelly mine, New Mexico, USA
8. Gemmy TSAVORITE (grossular) crystal with graphite; Merelani Hill, Tanzania
9. Top CUPRITE octahedron crystal ("ruby" red when backlit) with chrysocolla; Mashamba West mine, Kolwezi, DR Congo
10. Rare pseudomorphose of CHRYSOCOLLA after malachite after azurite; Lupoto mine, D.R. Congo
11. Kämmererite crystals on matrix; Kop Krom-mine, Kop Daglari, Erzurum, Turkey
12. Rare yellow FLUORITE sphere on AMETHYST bed! Nashik District, Maharashtra, India,
13. Large and very colorful, iridescent chalcopyrite crystals with top developed scalenohedron calcite crystals; Brushy Creek Mine, Missouri, USA
14. Cavansite on heulandite matrix; Wagholi Quarries, Maharashtra, India
15. Seagreen fluorite with gold colored pyrite spherules; El Hammam-mine, Meknes, Morocco
16. EXCLUSIVE gemmy and large TANZANITE of 19 grams! (with 5 colors pleochroism); Merelani Hills, Manyara Region, Tanzania
17. Neon blue, botryoidal, acicular CYANOTRICHITE on matrix; Qinglong mine, China
18. Rare, good quality chalcanthite; São Domingos Mine, Beja, Portugal
19. Large botryoidal babyblue shattuckite; Tantara mine, Haut-Katanga, D.R. Congo
20. Scepter smoky quartz (7 cm); Royal Scepter mine (Hallelujah Junction) Nevada, USA
21. Rare pink octahedral fluorite cluster (recent find); Huanggang mine, Inner Mongolia, China
22. Large anhydrite crystals with calcite; Naica mine, Mexico
23. High-end spiritquartz; Boekenhouthoek, South-Africa
24. Epidote crystals in waterclear quartz cluster; Capelinha, Minas Gerais, Brazil
25. "Ghost eye" fluorite (new find); Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, China
26. Rare, high quality find of top DIOPTASE cupshaped specimen; Ntola mine, D.R. Congo
27. "Bubblegum" pink cobaltoan calcite on matrix; Katanga, D.R. Congo
28. Top sharp erythrite crystals on matrix; Aghbar mine, Bou Azzer, Morocco
29. Ice blue aquamarine crystal cluster (super terminations) and muscovite; Nagar, Afghanistan
30. High quality (UV sensitive) neon green octahedral fluorite cluster; Riemvasmaak, South-Africa
31. Stilbite on lustrous colorless apophyllite ; India
32. Cobaltoan calcite with chrysocolla (NEW find!); Tenke deposit, Kolwezi, D.R. Congo
33. Rare pink grossular garnets on matrix; Coahuile, Mexico
34. Large Bright orange CALCITE scalenohedrons with SPHALERITE; Elmwood mine, Tennessee, USA
35. Rare adamite in matrix; Lavrion, Greece
36. Transparant blue AQUAMARINE with top termination; Erongo, Namibia
37. Rare CUPRIAN ADAMITE on matrix; Ojuela mine, Mapimi, Mexico
38. Rare and large ROSELITE crystals on COBALTOAN CALCITE; Bou Azer, Morocco
39. Very good olive green ANDRADITE garnet cluster; Stanley Butte, Arizona, USA
40. Very rare SPECTRO-PYRITE aka Rainbow pyrite; Ulyanovsk region, Volga river, Russia
41. Rare find of top DIOPTASE crystals with MOTTRAMITE and MIMETITE; Ntola mine, D.R. Congo
42. Gemmy, lustrous olive-green andradite var. TOPAZOLITE garnet cluster; Antetezambato,
43. Botryoidale MALACHITE with bright CHRYSOCOLA; (recent find) Morocco
44. Super lustrous (rare octahedral) Pyrite cluster (recent find); Huanzala mine, Peru
45. Ice blue AQUAMARINE crystal cluster with MUSCOVITE; Nagar, Afghanistan
46. Double sided SERAPHINITE (aka ANGELWING) polished slice; Korshunovskoye iron deposit, Irkutsk Oblast, Russia
47. Polished block of RHODOCHROSITE; Capillitas, Catamarca, Argentina
48. High lustrous, pitch black CASSITERITE cluster; La Paz, Bolivia
49. Large bright yellow BRUCITE cluster (recents finds); Killa Saifullah District, Pakistan
50. Exceptional Long AEGIRINE crystal; Malawi
51. Electric blue AZURITE crystal cluster; Milpillas mine, Sonora, Mexico
52. Bright SHATTUCKITE & CHRYSOCOLLA & white druzy QUARTZ; Katanga, D.R. Congo
53. Rare "Sandwich" WULFENITE cluster; Ojuela mine, Mapimi, Mexico
54. Rare SUGULITE; N'Chwaning II mine, South-Africa
55. Good specimen of quartz cluster with hematite roses; Jinlong, China
56. Gemmy EMERALD crystals on matrix; Chivor mine, Boyaca, Colombia
57. Pyrite on baryte (UV sensitive); Rutyna's pocket Lubin mine, Poland
58. Quartz covering chrysocolla stalactites; Mashamba-West, Kolwezi, D.R. Congo
59. Rare FIRE AGATE (polished); Aguascalientes, Mexico
60. Large specimen of top orange-red WULFENITE crystals on matrix; Jianshan mine, China
61. Bright intense pink COBALTOAN CALCITE; Agoudal mine, Bou Azer, Morocco
62. Bright green, cubic fluorite crystals (UV-sensitive) on matrix; Mandronarivo, Beroroha District, Madagascar
63. SMOKYQUARTZ-AMETHYST celestial ("Shangaan"" quartz); Chibuku mine, Zimbabwe
64. Choice specimen of gemmy smoky quartz; Mooralla, Victoria, Australia

Size range: 2-16 cm

Comes with labels and acrylic stands / bases!


Worth: 1500-2000