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An exclusieve part of a private collection of very exotic, rare and top-shelf STRICKTLY Moroccan minerals specimens! Many from historic origin and abandoned mines. Carefully collected over the years (23 HIGH quality specimens!). Please watch all the pictures, because you quickly miss a jewel!

1. Aragonite with cobaltocalcite on matrix; Aghbar mine, Morocco
2. Rare Skutterudite; Bouismas mine, Bou Azzer, Ouarzazate Province, Morocco (pocket nov 2009)
3. Top Quartz (orange due to Iron inclusions); Er Rachidia, Meknes-Tafilalet, Morocco
4. High quality Vanadinite cluster; ACF mine, Mibladen, Midelt, Morocco
5. Pink chalcedony cluster; High atlas, morocco
6. Sharp deep violet fluorite cluster; Tounfit, Morocco
7. Intense orange wulfenite crystal on matrx; Bou El Maden, Mibladen, Morocco
8. Bright malachite rosettes crystals and azurite on matrix; Morocco
9. White aragonite crystal cluster on matrix; Sidi Ayed, Morocco
10. Large grey-brown nicely formed baryte cluster; Morocco
11. Large Fluorite with calcite (uv sensitive); El Hammam Mine, Meknès, Morocco
12. Erythrite sprays on black contrasting matrix; Bou Azzer, Morocco
13. Yellow cubic fluorite cluster; El Hammam mine, Morocco
14. Roselite covered by quartz on pink cobaltocalcite; Bou Azzer, Morocco
15. Analcime spheres with bright green prehnite dark green epidote on the matrix; Anemzy, Imilchil, Morocco
16. Green titanite crystals on a orthoclase matrix; Imilchil, Morocco
17. Very good and large brochantite specimen; Touissit, Marokko
18. Large cabinet piece of nicely formed calcite crystals with (rainbow) pyrite overgrown fluorite cluster; El Hammam, Morocco
19. Hematite (kidney ore); Safi Province, Morocco
20. Gold colored large marcasite cluster with baryte crystals; Bou Nahas Mine, Oumjrane, Morocco
21. Smithsonite, linarite, aragonite, gypsum, pyrite combo specimen; Bou Beker, Morocco
22. Top orange colored Chabazite crystalcluster; Imilchil, High Atlas Mts, Morocco

Size range: 3-12 cm

With labels and acrylic stands/bases!


Worth: 200-300